Contractor's All Risk Insurance

Oman United provides ‘Contractors' All Risks’ coverage for any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to buildings and other structures being constructed or to the existing building in which the construction is being carried out. It also protects Third party liabilities (eg: bodily injury, death or property damage) arising in connection with the construction.

Our Contractors All Risks insurance policy consists of 2 main sections:

Material Damage:Loss or damage to temporary and permanent works including transit, while in the course of construction until handed over to the principal.

Public Liability Insurance: this section covers your legal liability in the event of damage to third party property or bodily injury to a member of the public whilst carrying out your activities.


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Erection All Risk Insurance

The Erection All Risks insurance is suitable for companies, whose main practice is related to the operation or construction and erection of machines and technical facilities.

Erection all risks insurance covers all types of risks involved during the course of erection of plant and machinery, steel structures, as well third-party liabilities whether it is a property damage or bodily-injury in connection with the execution of an erection project. This Policy covers stationary and as well as movable machineries.

Assembly equipment's also can be covered by concluding separately within the insurance against damages to the equipment resulting from accident.


We also offer other products